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Infokus Marketing Services and Marketing Packages

These difficult days need a different approach.

In this time of transition and a fight for survival for many businesses, we are happy to work at a 30% reduced cost to make our services accessible to as many businesses as possible.
An initial telephone conversation if free of charge, without expectation or obligation.

business marketing services that we offer

We regularly complete strategy development as well as implementation of specific marketing tasks for our clients.

Whether your business is a one-man-band or a larger business, your marketing activities talk to your audience about your business. Catch your client’s attention, communicate the problem you are solving for them, and direct them to take action.

Infokus Marketing Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Infokus Marketing Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Infokus Marketing Marketing Coach

Marketing Coach

Infokus Marketing Brand Development

Brand Development

Infokus Marketing e-commerce


Infokus Marketing Facebook Advertising

Social Media Management

Infokus Marketing Email Marketing

Website Development

Infokus Marketing Website Design

Facebook / Google Advertising

Infokus Marketing Email Marketing

get an e-commerce website

up and running  fast

Need to get your products or services online now! 

With years of experience developing and building e-commerce websites using Shopify, I have the benefit of wearing both a marketing, graphic design and website designer hat when putting together a website.

Visually my design skills will get them looking great, my marketing knowledge will help with the words and strategies and my web design experience ensures that everything sits where it should to optimise ease of navigation on the site as well as conversions.

Starting from scratch, we can have a basic Shopify e-commerce enabled website up and running in no time.

some samples of our recent e-commerce sites

Infokus Marketing Marketing Strategy

create marketing strategies that work

now is the time to think  outside of the box


10 Personalised Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Infokus Marketing Marketing Consultant
Infokus Marketing Digital Strategy


Develop a road-map of the Top 10 Personalised Marketing Strategies for your business. These are identified through our detailed analysis of your business, product or service.

steps to success



Firstly we will send you a simple online survey that has been designed to give us meaningful insights into your business.

This is followed by a one-on-one discussion (in person or over the phone), where we will dive deeper into your businesses. We use these opportunitieis to learn your business with fresh eyes, including your successes, challenges, and of course your ultimate business goals.



After learning what we need to know about your business we will further research your industry.

Armed with this knowledge and a deep understanding of your goals, we will start our Marketing Matching process.

We will aim to identify and match your business with the 10 most suitable marketing strategies that your business can implement to achieve your business goals.



Once our Top 10 Marketing Strategies have been identified, we will develop a customised Marketing Timeline.

Your timeline will place your 10 Marketing Strategies into a feasible strategic order for implementation, ensuring you are armed with short term strategies as well as longer term marketing activies, all ultimately working towards improving your business outcomes.

you will receive

The Top 10 Marketing Strategies
for your business

Your Personalised Top 10 Marketing Strategies to achieve business sucess. These will be documented with details of how and why they can be used as part of your overall marketing strategy aimed at improving your business outcomes.

A Personalised Marketing
for your business

Your Personalised Top 10 Marketing Strategies will be timelined to give you a comprehesive road-map of what order and when each of your 10 Marketing Strategies should be implemented. These will be prioritised to ensure effective implementation and suitable allocation of available resource.

Top 10 Personalised Marketing Strategies For Your Business

This customised package is currently available 45% Off regular prices for our local businesses for just $495

From when we make contact and your deposit is paid, the entire process will take approximately 2 weeks.

Payment Terms
50% payment is required upon sign-up and 50% when final marketing strategy and timeline is ready for delivery.

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    marketing matching

    Once we have learned about your business, some of the marketing opportunities that we will consider for your business includes:

    Affiliate marketing 

    Alliance marketing 

    Article marketing 

    Brand marketing 

    Brick and mortar marketing 

    Business to business marketing 

    Business to consumer marketing 

    Business to people marketing 

    Buzz marketing 

    Call centre marketing 

    Call to action marketing 

    Catalogue marketing

    Cause marketing

    Celebrity marketing 

    Channel marketing 

    Community marketing 

    Consumer marketing 

    Content marketing 

    Conversion rate marketing 

    Cooperative marketing 

    Corporate marketing 

    Cross media marketing 

    Database marketing 

    Digital marketing

    Digital advertising 

    Direct marketing 

    Direct mail marketing 

    Door-to-door marketing 

    Ecommerce marketing

    Email marketing 

    Employee marketing 

    Event marketing 

    Facebook marketing 

    Facebook advertising

    Free sample marketing 

    Freebie marketing 

    Geographic marketing 

    Global marketing 

    Goods marketing 

    Google marketing

    Google advertising

    Green marketing 

    Inbound marketing 

    Industrial marketing 

    Influencer marketing 

    Informational marketing 

    In-game marketing 

    In-store marketing 

    Instagram marketing

    Integrated marketing 

    Interactive marketing 

    International marketing 

    Internet marketing
    LinkedIn marketing 

    Local marketing 

    Loyalty marketing

    Marketing collateral

    Marketing messaging

    Marketing communication channels 

    Mass marketing 

    Mobile marketing 

    Multicultural marketing 

    Native marketing

    Network marketing

    New media marketing

    Newsletter marketing

    Niche marketing

    Non-traditional marketing

    Offline marketing

    One-to-one marketing

    Online marketing

    Outbound marketing

    Outdoor marketing

    Partnership marketing

    Pay-per-click marketing

    Performance marketing

    Permission marketing

    Person marketing

    Personalised marketing

    Philanthropic marketing

    Place marketing

    Point-of-sale marketing

    Post-click marketing

    PR marketing

    Product marketing

    Promotional marketing

    Proximity marketing

    Real-time marketing

    Referral marketing

    Relationship marketing


    Reply marketing

    Retail marketing

    Scientific marketing

    Seasonal marketing

    Search marketing


    Services marketing

    Shopper marketing

    Social marketing

    Social media marketing

    Sponsorship marketing

    Sports marketing

    Stealth marketing

    Street marketing

    Targeted marketing

    Technical marketing


    Test-driven marketing

    Trade marketing

    Traditional marketing

    User-generated marketing

    Vertical marketing

    Video marketing

    Viral marketing

    Voice marketing

    Website marketing

    Word-of-mouth marketing

    Youth marketing

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