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Revolutionise your marketing with our AIM Framework.

Our AIM Framework is an innovative solution designed to improve your business messaging and transform how you interact with AI to create content that converts.
At Infokus Marketing, we’re proud to introduce our groundbreaking AIM Framework.
Our uniquely Framework combines AI’s analytical capabilities with crucial human insight, exemplifying our Human-In-The-Loop approach. This ensures that your content is not only driven by data but also deeply resonant and authentic to your target audience, maintaining a balance of precision and personal touch.

What Our AIM Framwork Includes

Customised AIM Report

Unlock transformative insights with our bespoke AIM Report, crafted specifically for your business. Delve into rich analytics and gain a nuanced understanding of your target audience. This comprehensive report is your cornerstone in crafting messages that profoundly resonate, empowering you to precisely plan and execute impactful content strategies.

ChatGPT-4 Powered Custom AIM Chatbot

Experience personalised engagement with our Custom Trained AIM Chatbot, powered by the latest ChatGPT-4 advancements. Integrated with Infokus Marketing’s expertise in SEO, social media, and content creation, this bot is a powerhouse of personalisation. Tailored to echo your brand’s voice using our AIM Framework, it ensures content that is not only engaging and relevant but also perfectly aligned with your business and audience’s expectations.

The Human-In-The-Loop Difference

Precision and Relevance

Our AI, augmented by human expertise, crafts content that directly addresses your audience’s pain points and aspirations. This approach guarantees higher engagement rates and fosters a stronger connection with your audience.

Up-to-date and Bias-Free Content

With ongoing human oversight, we keep our AI informed of the latest trends while checking for any unintended biases, ensuring your content remains relevant to your business, industry and in-line with your business goals.

Contextual Understanding and Coherence

Our human experts oversee the AI to maintain a focused narrative, enhancing the coherence and impact of your marketing strategy and messages.

Empower Your Brand with Infokus

Leverage the analytical depth of the AIM Framework and the AIM Report and the conversational charm of the Custom Trained AIM Chatbot. With Infokus Marketing’s comprehensive Framework, you are equipped with the most advanced tools to craft an empathetic and effective content strategy. Set your brand apart in the digital world by embracing a strategy that not only meets but anticipates the needs of your audience.

AIM Framework Process

Sign Up

Book a Discovery Call or request an email detailing the AIM Framework Process.

Online Survey

Complete the Infokus Marketing AIM Framework Client Survey. This is a simple survey that usually takes 15 – 30 minutes, and walks you through various aspect of your business.


We will undertake a short Telephone Consultation to clarify and fine tune any aspects of the Online Survey that will help us to develop a comprehensive picture of your business.

We Make The Magic Happen

Give us 1-2 weeks to research and prepare your personalised AIM Report

Receive Your Report

You will be emailed your AIM Report. After you have had time to read through, we will invite you to a further chat to clarify any points or aspect that you may have questions about.

Receive Your AIM Chatbot

Once your AIM Report is finalised we can proceed with training your Customised AIM Chatbot. Using the paid version of Chat GPT 4, this Chatbot is fully customised to your business, learns about your messaging, ideal client and so much more.

Endorsements That Speak Volumes

Transformative, Clarity and Precision

“Infokus Marketing’s AIM Framework and AIM Report has been a pivotal turning point in our marketing at Galvin-Rowley Executive. The process, from our perspective, was quick and easy. The depth and precision of the report was outstanding. It has provided us with a structured approach that perfectly aligns with our marketing objectives, delivering the confidence to take proactive steps towards our goals. The content resonated with us profoundly, reflecting our brand’s voice and vision with uncanny accuracy. Every suggestion and idea presented was worthwhile. This report has been instrumental in clarifying our direction, giving us the confidence and motivation to engage our audience through compelling social media, meaningful email correspondence, and dynamic website articles. It’s a game-changer that’s set to shape the future of our content marketing strategy.”

~ Jen Galvin-Rowley, Founder & Director, Galvin-Rowley Executive

Galvin-Rowley Executive is a boutique Executive Search & Advisory firm with 30+ years of experience partnering with clients across Board, CEO, C-Suite and Senior Management roles.

The Report Truly Captures Our Essence

“The AIM Framework and AIM Report from Infokus Marketing just landed in our world, and wow, it feels like it was crafted just for us at Grantful! The relevance and precision are spot-on, and the report truly captures our essence and style, reaffirming our future comms strategy and showering us with brilliant ideas. It is more than a report; it’s like the new best friend for our marketing and communications, providing creative, actionable, and strategic insights – a gem we’re sure will be super pivotal as we continue to grow.”


~ Barbara Brangan, Founder, Grantful

Grantful has secured millions of dollars for not-for-profit and social impact organisations through successful Grant and Tender applications. The business has been so successful in the space that it is currently in a period of growth and expansion.

Your AIM Framework Investment

For an investment of $2850, excluding GST, you will receive a transformative marketing AIM Report that promises not just reach, but real engagement. Be equips with AI-enhanced content precision, a six-month tailored communication plan, and a wealth of innovative marketing resources designed for lasting impact.

Add the Personalised AIM Chatbot to the package. This transformative tool is available to you at the exclusive price of $1200, excluding GST. It’s an investment in your brand’s consistency, creativity, and connectivity with your audience.

Sign Up Here. We Will Be In Touch

    Precision Meets Personalisation

    At the heart of the Targeted Content Framework is our unique fusion of cutting-edge AI insights and over 20 years of marketing expertise, ensuring that every strategy is as human as the audience it engages.

    This powerful combination allows us to craft highly specific content that not only reaches your ideal customer but resonates on a personal level.

    By pinpointing and addressing your audience’s unique needs and pain points, the Targeted Content Report is not just a roadmap—it’s a navigational system for the digital marketing landscape, designed to guide businesses to their desired destination with clarity, efficiency and a touch of creative flair.

    It’s not just about standing out; it’s about being right where your audience needs you, with the right message at the right time.

    Targeted Content Framework Process

    Your Gateway to Customised Content Strategy

    Ready to transform your content into a magnet for your ideal customer? Fill out this simple form and we will be intouch with details of how you can embark on the path to a customised Targeted Content Report tailored just for you and your business.

      What types of marketing services does Infokus Marketing offer?2024-05-28T15:53:00+10:00

      Infokus Marketing provides a wide range of services, including marketing strategy development and implementation services and all aspects of organic and paid digital marketing, such as content creation, SEO and paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and website design and development.

      How does Infokus Marketing tailor its services to my business?2024-05-28T15:53:26+10:00

      At Infokus Marketing, we tailor our services to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for Google Ads management, website design and development, or implementing a particular aspect of your marketing. We also work closely with businesses to develop a targeted, clear message and comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring every element is aligned with your business goals. Our approach is customised from strategy development to full implementation to deliver effective and measurable results for your business.

      How does Infokus Marketing use AI to enhance business marketing?2024-05-28T15:53:51+10:00

      Infokus Marketing leads in innovative AI applications to enhance marketing efforts. Our AIM (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) Framework provides advanced strategies to tailor AI for business strategy, planning and interaction. Our customer-facing AI chatbots also deliver personalised interactions, improve customer engagement, and streamline support. These AI-driven solutions are integrated seamlessly into our services, ensuring that your marketing is both cutting-edge and effective, tailored to your business needs and objectives.

      What is included in your marketing strategy development service?2024-05-28T15:54:35+10:00

      Our marketing strategy development using our AIM Framework includes a comprehensive analysis of your business, target audience, and market landscape. We provide a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals, incorporating SEO, content marketing, social media strategies, and more.

      Want to know more?

      We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts, identify gaps and opportunities, and develop a digital content roadmap tailored to your business. This AIM Framework has been developed to consider your business objectives and target audience needs.

      What are implementation services at Infokus Marketing?2024-05-28T15:55:05+10:00

      At Infokus Marketing, our implementation services involve executing the marketing strategies we develop for your business. This includes creating and distributing content, managing campaigns, and ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms. Whether you’re seeking help with Google Ads management, website design and development, or specific marketing components, we ensure that every aspect of your strategy is effectively implemented. Our team works closely with you to maintain alignment with your business goals and deliver measurable results.

      Want to know more?

      We handle everything from content creation to campaign management, ensuring your marketing strategy is effectively implemented across all channels. Our team works closely with you to maintain brand consistency and maximise engagement. With final approval on all published content, you remain in control, ensuring that every piece aligns with your brand and strategic objectives. We also leverage innovative AI solutions, such as our AIM Framework and customer-facing AI chatbots, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

      What is included in your email marketing service?2024-05-28T15:55:36+10:00

      Our email marketing service includes designing visually appealing emails, crafting persuasive copy, segmenting your audience, automating campaigns, and analysing performance to optimise results. 

      Want to know more?

      We design email templates that are both aesthetically pleasing and on-brand. Our copywriters create compelling content that encourages action. We segment your audience to ensure targeted messaging, set up automated email campaigns, and continuously monitor and optimise performance to improve effectiveness and engagement.

      What does your social media marketing service entail?2024-05-28T15:56:02+10:00

      Social media marketing for B2B and B2C audiences includes developing content (words, videos, images, reels), managing platforms, posting and scheduling content, tracking performance, and optimising strategies to enhance engagement and reach.

      Want to know more?

      We create engaging social media content, manage your accounts, and schedule posts to ensure a consistent and effective presence. Our team tracks performance metrics to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement, ensuring your social media efforts align with your overall marketing goals.

      How can SEO services help my business?2024-05-28T15:56:32+10:00

      Our organic SEO services improve your website’s visibility on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site. As part of our standard website development and content creation for websites, we use free on-page SEO techniques to enhance your search engine rankings.

      Want to know more?

      We conduct thorough keyword research and optimise your website’s content and structure to improve its search engine rankings. When writing articles, blog posts, or landing pages for your website, we take into account the ‘best SEO practices’ to ensure your content is optimised for long-term use as a generator of relevant traffic to your website, ensuring sustained organic traffic and visibility growth.

      What is included in your paid digital ads?2024-05-28T15:57:01+10:00

      Our paid advertising service includes keyword research, ad copy creation, audience targeting, ad optimisation, and detailed performance reporting. We manage campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

      Want to know more?

      We start by identifying the purpose and proposed outcomes for your digital advertising. We then research the most relevant keywords for your business and create compelling ad copy and graphics. Our team targets your ads to the right audience based on demographics, location and interests, continually optimises ad performance, and provides detailed reports to track the impact on your business.

      What does your website design and development service include?2024-05-28T15:57:31+10:00

      We offer comprehensive website design and development services, including responsive design, SEO optimisation, user experience enhancement, and integration with other digital assets. We create websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and aligned with your brand.

      Want to know more?

      Our team works with you to design a website that reflects your brand’s identity and meets your business goals. We ensure the site is optimised for search engines and mobile devices, providing an exceptional user experience. From initial design to final launch, we manage the entire process, including any necessary integrations.

      What is a public-facing AI chatbot for a website?2024-05-28T15:58:00+10:00

      An AI chatbot is an automated tool that interacts with website visitors. It provides instant responses to queries, guides them through the site, and helps with lead generation and customer support.

      Want to know more?

      Our AI chatbot enhances customer engagement by offering real-time assistance, answering frequently asked questions, and guiding visitors to relevant information or actions. It operates 24/7, ensuring continuous support and improving the overall user experience on your website. You can build and manage your chatbot through our intuitive interface at infokus.ai, or we can fully manage the build and deployment of your AI Chatbot. 

      What is the AIM Framework?2024-05-28T16:01:28+10:00

      The AIM (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) Framework is our proprietary method for developing customised content marketing strategies for businesses. It involves creating an AIM Report and using a custom-trained AIM ChatGPT bot to generate content that aligns with your brand’s voice and engages your audience.

      What is the AIM Report?

      The AIM Report is a detailed analysis tailored to your business. It is a treasure trove of marketing insights that clarify your marketing message, core offering, and primary problems that you solve. It provides insights into your ideal audience’s preferences and behaviours and helps you create resonant messages that drive engagement and conversions.

      The report includes comprehensive, actionable recommendations. It guides your content creation efforts, ensuring all messaging is aligned with your brand and optimised for maximum impact.

      What is the Customised AIM Chatbot?2024-05-28T16:03:17+10:00

      The Customised AIM (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) Chatbot is a tool you can use when working on your business. Powered by ChatGPT-4, trained to reflect your brand’s unique voice and optimised for creating all sorts of marketing collateral. It assists in creating content that will engage your audience and communicate your business offering clearly and concisely. 

      The AIM Chatbot generates content ideas and drafts quickly and effectively tailored to your business offering and ideal clients. 


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