Reach Your Ideal Clients With Google Ads

Unlock the full potential of your Google Ads underpinned by our strategic marketing approach.

Struggling to Reach
Your Ideal Customers?

Our Google Ads Growth Accelerator program targets your ideal customer whereever they are located. We customise our ads with local, national or international audiences, as well as including demographic-specific features to ensure your ads reach the right people at the right time in the right location.

“Transform your business with our Google Ads expertise, proven to drive results and maximise your ROI. We approach Google Ads as an integral part of your marketing plan, ensuring that their message, function, and outcome complement your overall business strategy and goals.”

Our Packages

Our packages include Google Ads setup and ongoing monthly management.

We work on your Google Ad account, so you always maintain ownership of your account and ads. Our costs do not include Google Ad spend; this is done directly through your account so you pay Google directly for monthly ad spend.


  • Campaign Management Of Search Campaign or One Style Of Google Ad; Search, Display, Video, Lead, Shopping Ads
  • Keyword Research: 15 Targeted Keywords
  • Geographical and Demographic Targeting
  • Strategic Ad Copy Creation
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Conversion Tracking **
  • Google Tag Manager Setup **
  • Suited to Monthly Ad Spend Less Than $5,000 *


  • All Features Of The Basic Package
  • Management of up to Three Types of Ads: Search, Display, Leads, Video, and Shopping Ads
  • Advanced Keyword Research: Focus On 30 Targeted Keywords
  • Remarketing
  • Suited to Monthly Ad Spend Less Than $10,000 *


  • All Features of the Standard Package
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Management of Any Number of Ad Types Across Search, Display, Leads, Video, and Shopping Ads
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • Suited To A Monthly Ad Spend Less Than $20,000 *

*Ad Spend is a seperate monthly cost billed directly to you via Google.

** Google Ad set up is a one-off fee of $495 ex GST. This includes setting up or reviewing and editing Google Ads account. If you do not already have it, we can also add Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for Conversion Tracking at a reasonable hourly rate.

Our Process

Not Seeing the ROI You Expected?

We focus on ongoing optimisation which is undertaken every week, and provide detailed reporting to ensure you have visability and understanding of your Google Ads progress and performance. We find this approach gets the best return on your investment, adapting strategies as needed for optimal results.

Feel Confident and Supported Working with Us

We are a team of experienced marketing professionals committed to your success. Our strategic approach, transparency, and dedication to excellence ensure you feel confident in your Google Ads investment.

Why This Offer is Important

In today’s competitive market, reaching your ideal customers effectively can make or break your business. Our Google Ads Growth Accelerator program ensures you are not just spending on ads but investing in a strategic approach to grow your business.

Benefits of This Service

Our Google Ads Growth Accelerator program is designed to deliver exceptional results by leveraging a strategic approach and cutting-edge techniques. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Precise keyword research and targeting
  • Comprehensive ad campaign management across multiple ad types
  • Detailed geographical and demographic targeting
  • Ongoing ad optimisation for continuous improvement
  • Transparent and comprehensive reporting
  • Dedicated support and expertise

Take Your Google Ads
to the Next Level

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