A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Interested in who is on the new fastest growing social media site and how you can use it to promote your business (if at all!)? Pinterest is certainly the social networking site currently generating lots of interest and plenty of social interaction. But, as is the case with all social media sites (like Facebook and [...]

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3 Tips For Creating A Great Business Blog

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is increasingly demanding high quality, relevant website content to consider a website for a reasonable ranking. For a business to be found online via searches they need to have a reasonable ranking. Think about how often you move past the first page or two when searching for something online? Because [...]

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Top 8 Tips for Launching Your Business On Facebook

Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool for business and brands to gain exposure and leverage both on a LAM (Local Area Marketing) level and on a more National or International platform. If you choose to take on Facebook as part of your marketing arsenal it is usually a gradual process to build up your [...]

Research backs the rise of Social Media

We find interesting information in unlikely places, as was the case when I came across this information on the Australian Stock Watch Market Report. What I found interesting is that statistics are really backing up what us Marketers have been bantering on about… Social Media must be part of any marketing strategy. Social Media is [...]

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