Is email marketing really worth it?

Companies often approach email marketing in somewhat of a hap-hazard way, possibly not realizing just how beneficial a well thought out, ongoing email campaign can be. Approaching your email marketing in a professional manner can really make you stand out from a crowd… that way it looks, the information it delivers, the regularity and reliability [...]

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3 Tips For Creating A Great Business Blog

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is increasingly demanding high quality, relevant website content to consider a website for a reasonable ranking. For a business to be found online via searches they need to have a reasonable ranking. Think about how often you move past the first page or two when searching for something online? Because [...]

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Top 8 Tips for Launching Your Business On Facebook

Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool for business and brands to gain exposure and leverage both on a LAM (Local Area Marketing) level and on a more National or International platform. If you choose to take on Facebook as part of your marketing arsenal it is usually a gradual process to build up your [...]

Research backs the rise of Social Media

We find interesting information in unlikely places, as was the case when I came across this information on the Australian Stock Watch Market Report. What I found interesting is that statistics are really backing up what us Marketers have been bantering on about… Social Media must be part of any marketing strategy. Social Media is [...]

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