With mobile use on the rise it would be short-sighted for any marketer not to consider how and where the mobile platform can be incorporated into their marketing strategy. True, some industries and professions lend themselves better to the mobile platform, but at the very least all companies should consider that their customers will likely be looking at their websites and blogs from a mobile or tablet at some time or another in the very near future.

Consider how someone on a mobile could benefit from finding you?

On a larger scale…

There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers around the world, meaning 77% of the world’s population uses a phone. The majority of those users — 3.8 billion or 73% of the group — live in emerging economies.

Yet mobile advertising dollars spent around the world do not begin to compete with traditional platforms or Internet ads.

As the Internet spreads throughout the developing world, it’s arriving on phones before traditional computers. Some 70% of Internet users in Egypt, 59% in India, 57% in South Africa, 50% in Ghana and 44% in Indonesia get online via mobile phones alone.

This Jana infographic poses a question for advertisers — how will relevant content be delivered via mobile device?

Infographic via Mashable