Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is increasingly demanding high quality, relevant website content to consider a website for a reasonable ranking. For a business to be found online via searches they need to have a reasonable ranking. Think about how often you move past the first page or two when searching for something online?

Because of this, plenty of businesses are looking to business or brand blogs to fulfill this need for reliable, relevant, current content. BUT, it is quite a commitment of resources to make a great blog so there often needs to be multiple ‘positive business outcomes’ for most businesses to launch into the process of a company or brand blog.

This blog has been written to assist business owners in understanding what goes into making a successful blog, and explaining what makes for a great blog article.

Blogging isn’t a new way of communicating, but it is becoming a far more mainstream business activity, so here are some tips to help:

1. Think about the sort of TOPICS you can and should write about

Trends: People love to see an expert delve into a trend of interest to them and give them a better understanding of the things they should know. If you are one of these experts, give insight into the trends you understand.

Ideas: Let others in on your ideas. Some of them might use them to their benefit, or yours!

Showcase the success of others: Interview or shine a spotlight on a great person in your community/business sector. People enjoy reading about the journey of others. They want to hear ideas, thoughts and turning points in their business or lives.

Local content and issues: There is some much online content available to everyone, which influences people to look out for what is the most relevant content for them. As such a local, relate able issue is sure to peak their interest.

Show people how to do something: Demonstrate a product or give instructions on how to do something.

Simple, experience-based insights with lessons: Give simple ideas, and try to make them easy to read and absorb.

Analysis of issues that are in the public eye: Topical issues in the media carry much more weight in the eyes of many readers. So consider tying your blog to current topics.

2. Things that you MUST think about

Keep it brief: The standard size for a professional blog at the moment is about 400–600 words. People are busy and have limited time to read and use your content.

Consider how your readers will consume your content: Will your articles be read via email, social media, mobile phone, and tablet or at a desk?  Is your content delivered in a friendly format?

Break it up: Use numbers, lists, headings and white space to break up your content into consumable bites. Our attention spans are shorter than ever!

3. Things you MUST remember

Use short sentences: Complex sentences lose people.

Give something useful in every article or post: If you aren’t giving something, what are you doing?

Know what you want people to do: Do you want someone to do something after they read your post? Perhaps you want them to comment, Tweet or repost.

Make sure your message is clear: No mater how short or long your post the ultimate message has to be clear, concise and recognisable.

Give more than just a little bit: People will return to your blog if you give valuable information.

Keep it regular: Visiting a blog is entirely optional, so writing regularly is key to keeping a steady stream of value coming you way. The more consistently you post the more likely you are to get a reliable, relevant flow of traffic. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly keep it regular.

Happy blogging!